Step by step: installing mounting systems quickly onto the rooftop with video tutorials by IBC SOLAR

Screenshot_MontagevideosThanks to their high level of prefabrication and a modular construction structure, our mounting systems IBC TopFix 200 for pitched roofs and IBC AeroFix for flat roofs are able to be installed on the rooftop with surprising speed. To make the assembly even easier now, we have expanded our services for our Premium Partners and have met a request previously expressed by many of them: installation tutorials in video format.

The new video tutorials on the IBC SOLAR YouTube channel now provide additional support for installers. There are 14 films in total that pick up separate components of the two mounting systems and explain how to install the individual parts step by step, as well list the tools technicians need and which particularities need to be considered.

One clip, for example, shows the mounting and dismounting of solar modules using the IBC Module Clamp G3, with another giving detailed instruction on how to mount the IBC Hanger Bolt from the IBC TopFix 200 system. The videos are intended as an addition to the printed assembly instructions and are perfectly suited for on-site use. What is particularly convenient about the films is that the installer can get a quick overview from his smartphone directly at the construction site. Just save the YouTube playlist as a bookmark – and the instructions are always available.

Click here to find IBC SOLAR’s YouTube channel with a playlist of all video tutorials:


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